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The clinical examination begins with taking of patient history by asking targeted questions about the origin, course and type of problems of the patient. Subsequently a physical examination is performed, especially by looking, touching and performing basic manual tests. During the physical examination, it is possible to reveal the basic symptoms that indicate the disability of the system and the location of the disability. During the physical examination, the patient stands or sits on a bed and shows the part of the body where the difficulties are present to the doctor. Also the doctor examines the parts of body that may be needed for the proper examination evaluation.

How long does an examination last?

The length of an examination varies from person to person depending on the individual character of the illness and the patient.

How should I prepare for the examination?

The patient should bring all the results of previous examinations and all the information that may be relevant for adequate diagnostic and treatment procedure.

  • list of currently using medication
  • results of previous examinations
  • imaging examinations (CT, MR on CDs)
  • a list of medical devices used by the patient