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Lymphatic drainage massage

Machine lymphdrainage helps the flow of lymphatic fluid in the limbs, prevents venous congestion of the limbs and helps to remove swelling of the limbs and shape the body by strengthening problematic areas.

Indications for lymphatic drainage

Medical Esthetical
primary and secondary lymphedema reduction of treated areas (especially abdomen, hips, buttocks)
chronic venous edema (phlebedema) body shaping and firming


lipedema, lipolymphedema cellulitis
chronic venous insufficiency regeneration after excercise
prevention of varicose veins prevention of venous insufficiency


treatment of ulcers heavy leg syndrome
circulatory disorders detoxification of the organism and immunity support
support of diabetic neuropathy and angiopathy prevention of chronic pain

Lymphatic drainage is performed using professional devices Lympha Press Optimal and 24 chamber sleeves for the lower part of the body, which treat the abdomen, hips, buttocks and lower limbs, or with a sleeve for the upper part of the body – arm, shoulder, armpit and chest.

Before each lymphatic drainage, a special program on the device is set, which opens lymph nodes so that the lymphatic drainage is as safe and maximally effective as possible.

Lymphatic drainage usually lasts 50 minutes, during which also the initial opening of lymph nodes is done.

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